3 New Facebook Group Features You Should Know About

BY VICTOR BASSEY - Nov 27, 2017

Categories: Community Mastery

One of the most powerful brand building activities that I know of that works like crazy for entrepreneurs is building community around your brand as a thought leader in your space.

There are many ways to do that.

But facebook gives small business owners a very unique and powerful ways of doing just that...

Especially when you make effective use of your facebook profile, facebook groups and facebook business pages.

In this article however I will be focusing primarily on facebook groups...and drawing your attention to a few new group features that facebook has in place for making community building pretty easy to do.

1. Welcoming New Members Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

If you've run a facebook group before or if you currently run one.

Of the key strategies for getting people involves in your group is to basically tag them in a welcome post.

This give you the opportunity to draw their attention to community rules as well as give them an opportunityt to introduce themselves and start engaging with the group.

But beyond that it also gives you a first opportunity to start training your group members to buy from you.

The problem was that before now...this activity was an absolute pain in the you know what!

With the new facebook welcome feature...you can welcome and automatically tag up to 50 new members at the click of a button.

All you now have to do is click on the little button that says write post (as seen in the picture below) and you're good to go.
Welcoming new members just got easier

2. Moderating And Getting Rid Of Trouble Makers Just Got Cool

So once upon a time...facebook group admins only had two options when it came to moderating comments and the group in general...

Either ban the trouble makers or just kick them out of the group.

The problem there was that banning them wasn't enough...getting their troublesome content out was also sometimes pretty essential but that too was a pain.

Earlier this year facebook made it possible to take out troublesome members and their posts and comments with one click of a button...

Sweet right?

But facebook has taken that further because now you can essentially penalize group members for breaking group rules by muting them rather than kicking them out of the group...

Muting them essentially means they wouldn't be able to post or comment in the group for a specific period of time.


3. Linking Groups Just Become Cool

This is one new feature that I'm particularly excited about...especially since I also add facebook groups as the bonus community platforms for my paid membership programs.

Being able to link my main facebook group with the groups meant for my paying clients means...

First of all I get the benefit of indirectly promoting my paid membership programs to members of my main group.

And second...

My paying clients can have a central place where they can access all groups they belong to based on which of my programs they've bought.

Before now this was only possible with forums and linkedin groups.

It's pretty exciting that it's now possible with facebook groups.

Given these three new features it's pretty safe to say facebook is pretty serious about thier new mission of building communities.
Let me know your thoughts.